Practice Routines – Doubles with your feet

At this present point in time, learning how to do doubles with my feet is kicking my ass! Although this is not something I plan to necessarily use a lot in my playing, I’m already seeing an improvement in the general coordination of my left foot and ultimately, that is what’s driving this patience testing routine.

I’m once again reminded how important it is when learning a new technique to start as slow as you need to in order to be rock solid and to keep your hits completely even. Although this can be very frustrating as speed will be slower coming, the quality at which you execute doubles on your feet or any other technique will be eventually worth it! And of course, always practice to a metronome, even if you don’t use one live or in the studio.

I’ve found good technique always stems from good practice techniques and being rock solid and polished at whatever you do, regardless of fast you are, will by default make you a great drummer.

What fantastic practice techniques are you currently employing? And… if anyone has some great tips for doing doubles with the feet, please leave a comment, that would be awesome, cheers!

Drum Dynamics

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to greatly vary the velocity and intensity of your strokes and or playing in particular sections, really giving a song somewhere different to go and just as important, somewhere to spring from.

A great example of having fun with dynamics and changing velocities is Mark Schulman’s session at the Paderborn Drum Festival. AT round the 3/4 mark onwards, he really gets clever, not only with his use of velocty, but timing as well. Oh yeah, and his feel is simply astounding but I’m sure you got that!

So where have you used altering velocities and or intensity in your playing to particular good effect?

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